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We’re still open – and we’re all volunteers again, for now!

With apologies for the radio silence, we are alive! As 2021 progressed and we slowly rolled back our COVID restrictions, keeping the blog up-to-date fell to the wayside – but rest assured that we are still around, still kicking, and still sending books to people behind bars.

COVID – for those of us who are not yet sick of, or from, it – has thankfully receded in our state since the holiday/Omicron wave, although local cases have begun to rise after the mask mandate was repealed in our city last month. Our last MAJOR update on the situation was in July 2020 – we’ve opened up significantly since then – but masks and vaccinations are still required for all volunteers, and shifts are still being run at a limited capacity. Although we have not yet determined what our “end conditions” are for COVID restrictions, we hope for conditions to improve soon!

Speaking of things changing – Joan, our program coordinator since mid-2019, is leaving their position. (Joan is also the person writing this. Hi!) For those who have asked, they will continue to stay with the project as a keyholder and board member. Check out our staff page for more information about them and our other keyholders of the moment! At the time of writing, we aren’t yet sure who the next program coordinator is going to be. This puts us back into being an all-volunteer organization, for the first time since 2014 – and we’re determined to stay that way until the right person comes along!

That’s all there is to say in this post, but stay tuned – we do have another volunteer interview lined up for the near future (not to mention our announcement of the new program coordinator, whoever it may wind up being!)


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