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Articles About Prisons

The Marshall Project, the Prison Journalism Project, and the Prison Policy Initiative are among many organizations dedicated to monitoring and reporting on developments affecting the lives of incarcerated people in the US. Visit their sites for up-to-date information.


Aging in Prison: Special Series by the Prison Journalism Project, thirteen articles written between January and May 2023.

Interview—Women in prison: an unquiet minority, May 2009, Real Change

1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says, NBC News February 2008 

Prison Censorship

Prison Censorship

America’s unseen book bans: the long history of censorship in prisons, The Guardian, 5/9/24

What You Can't Read Behind Bars in New York, New York Focus, 1/24/24


Michigan is Banning Inmates From Reading Totally Normal Books, Vice, 1/17/23

The Books Banned in Your State’s Prisons, The Marshall Project, 2/23/23

Decoding Bureaucracy, The Medium, 7/5/23

How to Report on Banned Books in Prisons in Your State, The Marshall Project, 10/3/23

The Surreal Prison Censorship Regime, Inquest, 10/17/23
Ending Carceral Censorship, Inquest, 10/17/23
Censoring Women’s Health, Inquest, 10/19/23

Misadventures in Mail Censorship, Inquest, 10/19/23

Banned Manga & Explicitness in US Prison Censorship, Dear Readers Beyond Bars, (video) 10/24/23

Reading Between the Bars: An In-Depth Look at Prison Censorship, PEN America, 10/25/23

“Prison Itself Is Censorship”: Mariame Kaba on the Freedom to Read, In These Times, 10/25/23

Ending Censorship Applies to Prison, Too: A Prison Banned Book Week News Roundup, 2023, Book Riot, 10/30/23

Opinion:  Prison systems insist on banning books by Black authors. It’s time to end the censorship. Written by BtP board members Andy Chan and Michelle Dillon. Washington Post, 1/12/22
‘It’s basic human dignity’: Groups work to get books to incarcerated people, NBC News, 1/20/22
"In Prison, Knowledge is Power": How Publications are Restricted in Indiana Prisons, Indiana Daily Student, 3/7/22
Incarcerated people have few ways to fight back against censorship in prisons, Prism, 3/23/22
Michigan prisons ban Spanish and Swahili dictionaries to prevent inmate disruptions, National Public Radio, (audio, transcript) 6/2/22
Reading While Incarcerated Saved Me. So Why Are Prisons Banning Books? NYT, 8/17/22
The American Prison System’s War on Reading, Protean Magazine, 11/21/22
After pushback, Allegheny County Jail makes some changes to their book policy, WESA, 12/12/22 (audio, transcript)
Pittsburgh Prison Book Project: Pittsburgh's People of the Year 2022 in Literature, Pittsburgh City Paper, 12/21/22

Literature Locked Up: How Prison Book Restriction Policies Constiture the Nation's Largest Book Ban, PEN America, 9/24/19

When Did Used Books Become Contraband?, August 2007, Seattle Weekly

Reading in Prison

Reading in Prison

Scan n' Shred Mail

Scan n' Shred Mail
Tablets and Other Tech for Reading

Tablets and other technology for reading

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