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Michigan is Banning Inmates From Reading Totally Normal Books, Vice, 1/17/23
Interview with Andy Chan from Books to Prisoners, A Voice from Prison, 3/7/23
Literary group accuses Texas prisons of censoring books incarcerated people can receive, KERA News, 10/6/23

Tennessee Prison Rejects Book Donations Because ‘Malcolm X Not Allowed’, Vice, 1/7/22

Malcolm X Biography Donation Rejected by Tennessee Prison, Book Riot, 1/7/22
Opinion:  Prison systems insist on banning books by Black authors. It’s time to end the censorship. Written by BtP board members Andy Chan and Michelle Dillon. Washington Post, 1/12/22

Tennessee prisons ban Malcolm X, block subscription to the ‘Militant’, The Militant, 2/14/22

Incarcerated people have few ways to fight back against censorship in prisons, Prism Reports, 3/23/22

‘In prison, knowledge is power’ How publications are restricted in Indiana prisons, Indiana Daily Student, 3/27/22

The Cruel Practice of Banning Books Behind Bars, Vera, 4/4/22

Book bans in prison cut inmates' lifeline to outside world, NBC News, 5/23/22

Iowa State Prisons Ban Family Members, Third Parties From Sending Books To Inmates, Iowa Public Radio, 4/29/21

Accessing Information While Incarcerated (feat. Michelle Dillon), Kouvenda Media (podcast), 9/23/21

An Interview with Books to Prisoners, Seattle Arts and Lectures, 2/3/20

Washington Prisoners May No Longer Be Able to Receive Donated Books, The Stranger, 4/1/19

Washington state prisons ban used book donations, KING5 (video, transcript), 4/1/19

Washington Department of Corrections Quietly Bans Book Donations to Prisoners From Nonprofits, Book Riot, 4/3/19

Officials quietly banned prisoners from receiving used books through the mail. Outcry is now drawing concern in Olympia. Seattle Times, 4/4/19

Washington DOC quietly bans prisoners from receiving used books, KIRO (video, transcript) 4/8/19

Washington prisons reverse ban on used book donations for inmates, KING5 (video, transcript), 4/10/19

Corrections officials’ claims of contraband in used books mailed to Washington inmates don’t add up, Seattle Times, 4/10/19

Washington corrections officials reverse ban, will allow prisoners to get used books in the mail, Yakima Herald-Republic, 4/10/19

Books to Prisoners: Action is Still Needed, Seattle Collegian, 5/5/19
RSO Huskies for Opportunities in Prison Education shows positive impact of education on incarcerated people through art exhibit, UW Daily, 6/3/19

Spread the Word: Left Bank Books, UW Daily, 3/9/18

Books are a lifeline to prisoners, Foreword (podcast), 6/6/17

The banning of books in prisons: 'It's like living in the dark ages', The Guardian, 9/25/16

Eric's Heroes: Bringing books and hope to those behind prison walls, KOMO (video, transcript), 10/5/16

The Freedom of Reading, American Libraries, 10/31/16

By refusing to accept used books, two state prisons block inmates preparing for life on the outside, Real Change, 7/30/14

Social Justice Film Festival kicks off at the ECC, UW Daily, 10/21/14

Event Feature: When film gets reel, UW Daily 10/8/2013

Prejean speaks out against death penalty in appearance, UW Daily, 10/14/13

Listen Now: KBCS (podcast), transcript, 2/1/12

Short on Words, Real Change, 4/18/12

Reading Through a Whole Sentence, UW Daily, 7/11/12
More about why BTP matters in Part Two of the article, entitled “Brave New Worlds.” UW Daily, 7/18/12
Light a Fire Awards 2012: Seattle Met’s first annual celebration of individuals and organizations in the nonprofit community., Seattle Met, 10/12/12

Hitting the books: UW volunteers help Books to Prisoners program bring literature to inmates, UW Daily, 2/9/10


When Did Used Books Become Contraband? Seattle Weekly, 8/14/07


Local group mails books to inmates, UW Daily, Nov 18, 1997

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