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Join Books to Prisoners on Saturday, May 14

The first-annual Social Justice and Libraries Open Conference is an unconference-style event for library workers and students focused on dismantling structural oppression. We work to theorize, strategize, and operationalize ways for libraries to empower people and ideas. We believe in critiquing power structures, working for justice, and building community in our field.

Participants are encouraged to pitch their own discussion ideas for the event. Topics with the most buy-in will be given a breakout space for the conversation to take place. The rest is up to you!

Some sample topics include (but are definitely not limited to):

  1. The role of libraries in community activism/outreach

  2. Whiteness/diversity in librarianship

  3. Creating inclusive spaces

  4. Critical/inclusive pedagogical practices

SJL is sponsored and organized by CritLib Seattle. For more information, contact Learn more and register here.

When: Saturday, May 14 (10 am to 3:30 pm)

Where: The Northwest School in Seattle


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