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"Stone and Steel Seem to Disappear"

A Book

Bars do not a prison make

if one has a book to read.

Stone and steel seem to disappear

simply with the turn of the page.

Adventures unfold, treasures untold,

await those who venture within.

A book will take you to

places you've never been,

places you never imagined you'd go,

places unseen, as if in a dream,

places better than the place you're in.

So walk away from that rerun tv.

Put down those dominoes.

Leave the fussin' and cussin' behind.

Travel to new worlds, new adventures.

Make new friends. Set yourself free.

Even if only temporarily.

Your body may be bound

within walls that surround

yet the mind remains free

if one has a book to read.

It's the best solution for life

while life is passing you by.


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