With an anticipated 15,000 requests in 2016, our work is only made possible by donors like you. More than 70% of our budget goes directly toward covering the costs of postage and mailing supplies. Learn more about donating to Books to Prisoners.

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Top requests from prisoners:


Legal self-help

Black history, studies, and fiction

Puzzle and game books (such as crosswords, crochet, and RPG)

Science fiction/fantasy, westerns, horror novels, true crime books

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Books to Prisoners has always operated with minimal staff and relies on volunteers who donate their time and expertise. From answering letters to wrapping packages and sorting books, your help will be deeply appreciated. Volunteer Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings (6 pm to 10 pm), Wednesday mornings (9:30 am-1:30 pm), and Sunday afternoons (1 pm – 5 pm, starting September 1, 2017) in Seattle’s University District.

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