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Meet Susan, Volunteer of the Month, July 2023

Susan began volunteering with us in April. Board member Andy Chan recalls, “When I first met Susan it was clear she took the work very personally, not least because of her close connections to justice-involved individuals. We can learn a lot from her.

Over the years I’ve had a number of friends and family that have been incarcerated and they’ve mentioned this program being a saving grace to pass the time.

When I ended up with a bunch of parking tickets because I live up on Capitol Hill. Your name is on the list of organizations that I could do community service hours to pay off my tickets. That’s how I got involved. Which I’m grateful for.

As for a sign into the rest of my life, it is a meaningful part of it. Knowledge is the utmost important thing that anybody can have. So being able to freely give knowledge to people that need it is an amazing thing. I completely envision myself doing this for quite a long time.

As for any requests that surprised me so far a gentleman on death row wanting self-help books really kind of caught me off guard.

My view on Prisoners or in the prison system has not changed. I have always known somebody in prison, unfortunately more than one at any given time, some deserved it but most didn’t.

As for book recommendations, I just think more actual complete GED workbooks and subjects to that effect. Anything giving them the know-how and knowledge of socially acceptable Society and being able to be productive in it.

As for my personal interest in Reading I have a masters in cultural anthropology and I coordinate archaeological digs for my real job so my main interests are nonfiction true history biographies memoirs etc.

I do want to thank you for this acknowledgment. It is nice to know that your work no matter how small does help make a difference. It is a good feeling and means a lot to me.


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