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Featured Volunteer: Peter Kirk

Peter Kirk has been a BtP volunteer since March. The reason he started volunteering was that the evening hours were flexible for him in case he started working during the day.

Q: What drew you to work at BtP?

Personally, I love books and literature and it seemed like a nice way to pass along that love. It’s something that I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of. Afterwards I got more into learning about prisons and prison education.

Q: Is your background related?

Actually, no. I assumed I’d be an English major in college but actually I was a molecular biology major and now I’m about to go to medical school.

Q: Do you feel like you’ve learned a lot from working at BtP?

I think so, in terms of raising my own awareness about issues because it’s so easy to forget about the prison population if you’re not seeking it out by virtue of the way it’s set up.


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