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Ben Heely, featured volunteer

Ben Heely has been volunteering at Books To Prisoners two nights each week for the last eight weeks.  He is currently studying Computer Science at Edmonds Community College.  After having no luck finding a summer job, Ben specifically looked for an interesting volunteer opportunity.

Q:  Why did you choose BTP out of all the other organizations where you could be of help?

A:  I was looking for a bit of an intellectual challenge.  Working with a limited selection of books, picking the best choice for each person is challenging.

Q:  How did you find out about BTP?

A:  I read about it in an article in the UW Daily.

Q:  What keeps you coming back?

A:  I like the idea of helping people learn new things and develop themselves, therefore taking steps to their own rehabilitation to help reintegrate themselves back into society.  Prison acts to punish people, but not to rehabilitate their lives.


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