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39 Boxes of Books! Thanks to the 63rd Annual Bainbridge Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale

And extra thanks to Amit, Neiha, Christina, and Kris for gleaning books left over from the sale last Sunday and ferrying them to our space. This is the fifteenth year the Rotary Club of Bainbridge Island has let us take as much as we can scoop up in half an hour, once the sale has ended. This year, they donated:

3 boxes of dictionaries

3 boxes of cookbooks

2 boxes of gardening

1 box of games (including chess)

4 boxes of history

1 box of art/how to draw+paint

1 box of philosophy & religion (including Korans)

2 boxes of romances

1 box of fantasy

1 box of westerns

1 box of sci-fi

2 boxes of historical fiction

2+ boxes of mysteries

2+ boxes of thrillers

2 boxes of lit. fic.

plus 10 boxes not yet sorted…

Got some books you’d like to donate? Check here to see what we need right now.


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