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Left Bank Books is Doing an Archive Project!

Books to Prisoners was one of the first projects the collective that established Left Bank Books undertook after it opened the bookstore in 1973. The following text is reproduced from the flyer-like graphic announcement above. “We” in this case means Left Bank Books.

A couple of Left Bank Books collective members are creating a small digital archive of material to be publicly displayed at the 50th anniversary of the store. We are hoping to create a text and image-based historical narrative that will document the decades of both the store and the collective’s activities, projects, events and milestones.

We need your help with this! If you are an old collective member, Seattleite or just someone with some cool stuff related to the store and want us to consider digitizing and including it in the public archive please reach out. We are looking for everything, personal correspondence, old flyers, meeting notes, photos etc.

Please email and we can talk about the best way to view and digitize your items. There is also an oral history component to this project so please let us know if being interviewed is something you would be interested in.


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