Get Involved: Donate Books

Books to Prisoners gratefully accepts most kinds of book donations.

Our most commonly requested books:

  • Dictionaries
  • Thesauruses
  • Almanacs
  • Legal self help, Spanish books (including Spanish-English dictionaries)
  • Books on drawing instruction
  • Game books (including chess, Sudoku, and role-playing manuals)
  • Vocational education (welding, plumbing, carpentry, etc.)
  • How-to books
  • GED preparation books
  • African-American non-fiction and fiction
  • True crime
  • Paperback fiction including thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, westerns, and horror
  • Books on the occult, aliens, conspiracy theories, and New Age
  • Blank journals


No hardback fiction, spiral-bound materials, or romance novels, please.

Special message from Books to Prisoners: Effective immediately, we request that you consider a financial donation rather than a donation of books. Thanks to many generous donors such as yourself, we are currently at capacity for books*! If you would still like to donate books, please contact the email address at the bottom of this page before shipping to ensure that we have space. Thank you again for your consideration and generosity!

*Excluding our MOST requested items, listed in the blue box above–those are ALWAYS needed!

Please consider donating $35 with each box of books you donate to help us mail the books out to prisoners.

Our true postage cost for mailing a box full of wrapped book packages is approximately $70 for each box, so your matching donation goes a long way toward getting your books to prisoners. Thank you!

Contact to arrange donations.