A listing of current and archived articles about Books to Prisoners–in progress

The Freedom of Reading, October 2016, American Libraries

Criminal Justice Charity of the Week: Books to Prisoners, October 2016, Undisclosed podcast

Eric’s heroes: Bringing books and hope to those behind prison walls, October 2016, KOMO News

The banning of books in prisons: ‘It’s like living in the dark ages’, September 2016, The Guardian

Seattle Human Rights Day Awards with Kimberlé Crenshaw: Black Lives Matter (coverage of Books to Prisoners as recipient of Seattle Human Rights Award), December 2015, The Seattle Globalist

Andrews Podcast / Interview Books To Prisoners / Dr.Chan, December 2014, Podcast interview

By refusing to accept used books, two state prisons block inmates preparing for life on the outside, July 2014, Real Change

Literature in lock-down: how books change lives, June 2014, Capitol Hill Times

Reading through a whole sentence, July 2012, UW Daily

Short on words: Nonprofit struggles to fill prisoners’ need to read, April 2012, Real Change

Books to Prisoners: The Reading Connection, Summer 2011, Yes

Hitting the Books: UW Volunteers Help Books to Prisoners Program Bring Literature to Inmates, February 2010, UW Daily

When Did Used Books Become Contraband?, August 2007, Seattle Weekly

Local group mails books to inmates, November 1997, UW Daily