We invite you to GiveBIG to Books to Prisoners on May 3 & 4, 2016


On May 3 & 4, Books to Prisoners will join over one thousand nonprofits in the Seattle area for GiveBIG, an event for charitable giving that has been extended over two days this year.

During GiveBIG, every dollar goes even further toward supporting prisoner literacy and self-empowerment. Every gift given on May 3 & 4 will receive a portion of extra stretch funds provided by Seattle Foundation and will be eligible for a chance to win a Golden Ticket–$1,000 more for Books to Prisoners, provided by Seattle Foundation!

More than 12,000 individuals will receive books from Books to Prisoners this year. Our books reach people living in prisons without libraries; people being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day; people who no longer have any other connection to the world outside of their prison. People like M.M., whose letter to us can be read below. M.M. has been incarcerated in a jail in Florida for two years without access to books to read. With your help, we will continue to send vital support to M.M. as he awaits his trial.

M.M. - Florida (2016)

From dictionaries to award-winning fiction to learning Spanish, your support provides invaluable tools for opening minds to new possibilities and ideas. Your support reminds individuals that they are part of a community.

Will you join us for GiveBIG?

Three ways to help:

1. Mark your calendar for May 3 & 4, 2016 and bookmark this giving link.

2. Please make a donation to support us on Tuesday, May 3 or Wednesday, May 4. If you can’t participate during GiveBIG itself, you can give as early as April 18 (all advance donations will be charged on May 3). Follow this link.

3. Help us spread the word! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook to keep connected. Invite others to GiveBIG to Books to Prisoners in 2016!

GiveBIG gives your donation an even greater impact on the lives of prisoners across the country

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